Today Toby went in for us surgery. I dropped him off at 830am and I almost started to cry when I left. I don’t like leaving him alone at the vet. But I’m sure he will be fine. He is getting a tooth removed which isn’t so bad it’s the cancer spot I’m worried about. My poor baby got a cancer growth on him. I love that dog. Idk what ppl say I fucking love my dog, and I’m insulted when you tell me other wise. If I didn’t care would I be putting him thru surgery and setting up. God damn payment plan with the vet if I didn’t care. No I don’t think I would. Would I try and take the effort to bring him where ever I go then hang in the car with him while my friends are doing w.e and lay down my hoodies or a blanket in there on colder days if I didn’t love him. I think not. So stfu to anyone who tells me other wise. I’m the one who pays for him and I buy the food and I pay attention to the ailments of the dogs at home. Shit hAd I not I wouldn’t have know about the mass until late last week. Instead I’ve been watching it since it started and have had him checked twice before and even sent a sample away to test it. Which leads me to now, having him in for surgery. So to All off u fucking pessimists who keep telling me oh he’s and old dog is he going to make it? Is it worth doing this procedure ? Can he handle it? Are you sure it’s not a waste? Won’t it come back? He’s an 11 year golden retriever, his mass is able to be removed and if removed soon enough there is no worry on spreading. Yes he can handle it. He’s a health dog yet and if he has a chance then he deserves one! It’s not and unreasonable thing to do yet. If it was unreasonable I wouldn’t put him thru all this. So now I wait until 330pm to go pick him up from the vet I work a stupid 4 hour shift And am off at 1. Ugh stressing out.




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