My morning

So this moning I got woken up by my nephew konner at 8am to play little big planet 2. Great game just sucks its that game. Yesterday I saw a photo of your girlfriend,  and it stung not gunna lie. But I have to excuse to anything because it is my fault you have one. And ive known about her for a long while. Just hurts more seeing it. I do hooe she make you happy, and I hope its happier then I cpuld have. I hope she doesnt make the same mistakes as I because you deserve better. We both had our mistakes and flaws about us. I just wish that one day I can be fully happy again too. I still cant help but to want to tell you things I see I know youd like I still cant go out to normal places or the mall or even to pick n save for anything with out thinking of a memory and everytime it stings I enter my own room anf hate it.

Ive been having real bad nestalgia the past two days because of it. And now going to play little big planet 2 the game I got for xmas and woukd play late into the night with.

I hate this I just want to cry.

Today would have been a year since we have been apart, its the hardest feeling, thinking,and knowing this.


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