Its Halloween

So today I am off of work, and its HALLOWEEN!!! I am supposed to go out tonight with my sister and her friends were dressing up as super hero’s. I am going to be Captain America, gender swapped of coarse. I do hope it works out. Not a clue as to where we are going or anything. so we shall see what happens. 

I also got a hair cut this past Monday only one person has said anything about it. The funny part is it was our Direct TV guy who noticed no one else. I was surprised, but it was nice he said it looked good. Made me feel better about it for sure. But i mean i cant complain about people not really noticing I guess, I mean all I really did was get bangs. But I like it, I got it done at a salon, not my normal person cut it so its differently different. I do like the way my “personal” cutter does it better. It is just nice to feel pretty at a salon. My stylist’s name was Krista and she was a very nice and talented stylist.  Ill have pictures hopefully later. 

Other then this I am supposed to go to Seattle next week from the 6th-13th and I do not know if I will be going. I have been stressing about this for quite some time. I have tried finding my replacement for work and it has been hell. Granted my co worker is being a saint and trying to help me with the days I need. My boss is helping but its just frustrating that this is all last minute. I have been worrying like crazy because if I don’t get those days I cannot go and the tickets will be a wasted 250. Bill probably can’t get a rental car I’d have to drive. Not to mention staying here I will just be bitter. Again thankfully my Co-worker is trying to see what she can do for the schedule. Now I am just waiting on her call back. I just really hope it works. Trying not to get my hopes up just in case but its hard not to. It would be my first plane flight, first time in Seattle where Bill grew up, first time with a rental car, first time meeting a bunch of people that are Bills friends, and meeting/staying with there family friends. So needless to say a lot of firsts. 


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