So today I have traveled from Milwaukee Wisconsin Seattle Washington. I rode on my first plane that one sucked went from MKE to ORD (chicago) it was a small plane which is called a “puddle jumper” apparently. That one one went badly I had an anxiety attack or panic attack I do know the diffrence.  What happened was we got to our flight area early and thought we were getting “checked” in. Well it was the flight before ours which we got put on last minute due to the guy helping us said he thought next plane would be delayed so we were the last two on this plane, we were indeen separated, and I was not a happy camper the lady next to me was annoying and cranky looking. Wellmi was basically un comfortable the whole time with the lady, the seating, the take off, flying, and landing.  Was not ok. I basically got really sad and felt vulnerable and I teared up a few times felt dizzy because of motion sickness not cool. Well we landed I was one of the last people to get off the plane. I was cranky and we went and ate at some sandwich place, it was good. I fe,t a little better and less cranky. For the next flight I got some motion sickenss chewable it helped a bit but the the first half of the flight was uncomfortable again, plus I was tired now. I fell asleep on and off a few times was alright. This time we sat next to a lady and her 8 week old dalmation. So cute and well behaved. When he woke I got to play and hold him sooo flipping cute. Well we eventually got here and made it to Washington at SEA-TAC air port.

Now we had arrived it was time to get the rental car from “budget” the rental place. Well in the end we could not go thru with that comoany anymore and had to switch so we went to “enterprise” well when we finishex with them we were 540 in thewhole instead of 220 and had to get a full size car. Well we finally got to picki g out the car and got a mid size a chevy cruse. its okay I have have to drive it. Its “boaty” feeling. After we got Bills tux and food from panda express.

After lunch we the  decided to visit his cousin for his birthday who ended up not  being home. So we then when by his uncle John’s and visited with him a d his wife for quite some time. Met his uncle Tom too who stopped by. Apparently all his family here lives like with in a few blocks of eachother. After a while we went to “the loose wheel” for some dinner snacks and had a drink.

We then headed to Wes and Allys to where we are going to be stayi g during this trip. They have a son named tristen. Hes cute, only two and so full of life. They have 2 cats and a dognas well. All very friendly and loving. Their house is old and cool I likes its rustic look to it.  Its just a sucky thing that its so cold here…. I am freezing I have long socks jeans long shirt and a t-shirt over that on. Its like 50 degrees or so in each room unless its got a heater constantly running in that room.

Well thats all for now I shall get back with more on my trip later.


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