Just Talking

Today I feel better then I did yesterday. Now yesterday was sick, and stuck at work. While throwing up, a bunch. and I couldn’t leave. so its was a great evening for me stuck in a kiosk. Otherwise briskly walking to the bathroom so members so see it BC that just seems unprofessional. Not that i could handle talking to them anyways bc that alone made me sick. So in comparison today is like amazing i can keep water down. but in ear infection wise I am still recovering. Not quite back to normal yet. There is still pressure in my ears, but hearing is better then it was. That whole sickness yesterday was all the crap that my body drained and couldn’t digest. but least its out now.

On other news I started playing Guild Wars 2 again with 2 friends I found out also play so that’s super awesome! I made 2 more lvls tonight. Defiantly have to get back in the swing of things with this. Not used to this type of gaming since Cabal which will i think remain a favorite game of mine. So I am pretty excited I got that gong again.


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