No More Lies

She’s in the corner, the blue walls surround her. The sound of the faucet dripping, 1 by 1 the drops fall to their own rhythm. Its rather soothing. Her hands shaky, her body getting cold, breathing quickens as though she had ran a marathon. No longer will she be in pain, no longer will she feel the cause of troubles, no longer will she have to listen to the lies they all told her. Everything wasn’t okay, things were going to be okay. Not for her. They had all been lying to her for years. Years of false hope, feeling better being happy. It never would be okay, she felt nothing. Nothing they promised. She sat there on the tiles floor. Her body slowly fading. Soon its hard to hold her head up and things begin to spin. Her arms fall to her side, the last thing she hears is the rolling of the plastic container from grasp..


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