What makes it Real

what is real, what is fake?

I cant tell the lies from the truth, and i dont know who to believe.

The way I see life is pointless.

All I try for, is pointless.

I am a rather useless person, I have no purpose in life.

I have no real reason to be here.

Any/Everything I do can be easily replaced.

I know what I miss in this world, and thats about it.

And by the time I realize anything or start to feel again it will be to late. either for me or for you.

I don’t know why I feel so down about everything but I do.

I mask it with this positive thinker who Everyone thinks is happy and chipper

Thats because you don’t deserve to feel like I do.

I want to help stop you from feeling like I do

I want you to know you are important and loved.

I want you to love who you are because I don’t know what that means and maybe one day I will understand watching you who every you may be

I just want everyone to be happy and enjoy the little things in life as well as big, I don’t know how to enjoy things.

I just move through the moment, step by step not really feeling it.

I may be selfish or what ever in saying I don’t care to live and if I were to die tonight I’d be okay with that.


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