It’s 5am

It’s early and I’m awake. I didn’t have a smooth evening as I hoped. I mean my day was fine, I got to get coffee with a friend and chill for a bit. I played assassins creed when I got up. I watched futurama and just relaxed for a bit then played some D3 and gained 2 levels. Then I was triggered and had to stop playing for a while. The thoughts didn’t stop. I went to Bills to watch Lords of Salem the new Rob Zombie movie and the whole drive there I cried. All I could think about was what happened if I my car hit black ice my car tumbled many times, or my car slammed into something and I died instantly. And what I would want my last words to be or how I would hope how my friends and family understood how much I appreciated them. But alas I am still here and home in bed just thinking and listening to pysudopod pod case. A story a night I try.

I wish I updated as much as I think I am going to but I don’t. I think of great things I wish to share but then I just don’t. My thoughts get blocked by the time I’m ready to post. So please bare with me and my postings. Thank you.


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