After Christmas/holiday talk

Had a decent holiday for the sake of holidays I my self wasn’t really feeling it. The holidays get me down or maybe the weather I am not sure it could be the Seasonal Affected Disorder I don’t know if it affects me or how you would know but I definitely would believe it. I didn’t do gifts this year I couldn’t afford it. But I did get the boys stuff, and a  picture frame for Bill to put our Seattle picture in since we weren’t doing Christmas gifts and we didn’t do an anniversary thing.

Things I got were first a visit from my Mega best friend Diera and her husband. They stayed atvmy house for two days and we got to spend Christmas Eve together that was awesome.I made this chicken crossiunt thing it turned out pretty good. I miss her alot when she’s gone. I mean its not really we even do anything its just her company, being able to just chill and watch TV and stuff together. We kept each other from being alone. Next I got a cool wire birds nest necklace from another bestie “The Bohn” its a pretty dark wired nest with pretty blue bead eggs. Next from the baumans I got a black winter coat it was made in Canada with some fancy kind of goose down feathers and its “certified” I didn’t know there was ssuch things as certified coats but mine is. Pretty damn comfy so far. the best part is it it doesn’t make crazy crinkling sounds due to it being cold and I don’t look or feel marshmallow-y. It was originally a $350.00 coat but due to this “rummage” sale of winter clothing she got it for a hell of a lot cheeper. Next before work again on thrusday I got to open my gift from mom I did expect I got a lap desk thing its pretty neat, it has adjustable table tilt ability, adjustable heights, a lamp if u want to read, a mouse pad for the laptop, and 4 USB ports so u can use multiple devices. So that was really neat and un expected. then Tonya and Paul got me a pair of VS like PJ pants and top that are really comfy. It was super nice of them to do that. I owe them a gift I just don’t know what of. On Christmas we had dinner with the family at my aunts it was indeed delicious. Then went and hung put at the baumans that was fun.

After all the Christmas stuff I hung out with Chad who was intown for the holidays as well. Its always a fun time. Sucky he’s moving again. But instead of a few hours like he did to GB. But now to a whole other state. I’m not ready for that. Its really sucky when your friends move states away. I guess my biggest fear is losing friends. I know a lot of people but only a few of them I consider friends, at least friends I’d like to try and keep.

welp that’s about it for my holidays so far. Just been looking for a second job. Applied for a bartenders position. Just waiting on a possible call back for that. Gotta find something now that my hour will be back to part time again since we got our new boss. He’s form the pewakee store. I’m kindnof excited he’s our new boss other then some actual new Guy or someone from another store. I like this Guy he’s a good worker I think and he will do our kiosk good.

Well I hope everyone else had a good Christmas or what ever you celebrate, and a good NEW YEAR! Be safe this holiday season.

posted on the go.


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