Happy new year1

So its 210am and I’m at the baumans house again there is a bunch of people here. Its okay. although I have located twice to find a spot where I wasnt “in someone’s way” when they moved into my area although I had already been there. Jt was just the proper thing to do. The new year has been rather dull and annoying for me personally. People wise its fantsatic I enjoy them and their company. I myself just isnt satizfied. A well im now also buzzed a little and will prolly go lay down and hide in someones room for a while. Everyone is in there little conversations doing their own thing Nd I feel I just dont fit in the “situations” so ill just remove myself anyways. Maybe just go home would b the best.

Wow i sound whiny today. Ehh w.e. I love you all and have a good night.


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