Update 01-15-2014

Headed out to feed horse and cats in barn

Headed out to feed horse and cats in barn

So its been a week since I have updated, and I am truely sorry. Not that it is noticed anyways but still. I shall no inform those of you who decied to read this of my past week and things i think of.

Since the last up date of when i cut my hair, which it feels so good to be short again, i have house sat for some friends been sick toby is injured again, and i’m detoxing. why don’t we start with the house sitting.

So I spent the nights from Thursday to Sunday there. I bought New York steaks the first night and “Butch” made them for the guys and I they turned out delicious. I worked all weekend and it was nice of the guys when i came back to help me with the animals they were great sports about it. It was also nice to be able to just hang with them. Sadly tho by saturday i was sick, i dont know what is going on with my system but for about over a week now my insides are all sorts of messed up and its not okay at all. So with all i could figure out I came to the conclusion i need to detox.

which leads me to this detoxing. its and 14 day body cleansing. it starts with drinking liquid the first to days as a jump start then it does pills the rest and ends with probiotics to help bring your system back form the purge. I am on day two and right now my tummy kind of is uncomfortable but I think that is from dinner I had left overs. So I am hoping this will help. While taking this they have recommendations on things to eat/avoid eating and i am dong my best at following that. I haven’t had soda since Sunday and been snacking on pineapple, bought a dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and soy nuts then mix them together for a “snack mix” thing. Its pretty good except when I eat it i tend to pick out one at a time even tho i mixed then together. Ill continue on this later with my progress.

Toby my baby this weekend while I was away injured his poor old man body. No one at home knows how i just got a call in the morning complaining about it. Well i came home periodically to check on him. Got the usual sass. But it lasted until well now its still going on. I took him to the vet yesterday, his knee is swollen and they think its a torn ACL and is on pain meds and rest until he builds up enough scar tissue to use it again. Its kind of sad tho my baby cant walk and needs help.

Thats about it lately Ive been playing Sims City cool game, also been looking at a game coming out soon called “The Forest” Looks good and kind of exciting. Other then that NEW ARCHER started yesterday, and almost done with Dexter got a season and half left.


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