So its been a while

I am truely sorry for slacking on the updates. Every time I got home ive been busy with some thing or simple fell asleep.  But here let’s catch up. 
Since last I wrote, mom got a feeding tube put in that was and aweful week with the complications and pushing shit back.  But it’s more or less sorted out and done with. Unfortunately she’s still sore tho. 
Next would be my room had a slight flood in it, and what I mean by that is it was all in one area (like about 3×5 if I had to measure) but it was soaked like you stepped there and it was a puddle.  So Idk what is up with that.  Sis is freaking out there might be mold growing.  I don’t think so.  But we are ripping out the carpet Saturday…
Then there’s me being sick.  I got a weird cold sinus thing about 2 weeks ago friday.  And every day is a different symptom appears.  From my voice to my eye was gooping all day yesterday. It was terrible.  I’ve never seen that happen it was gross and uncomfortable. And now on top of that I started “shark week” and that’s killing me.  I took some Tylenol w. Codeine I got from my ear infection and I guess it’s helping sort of.  I mean it’s a tiny bit duller.  But it’s all I have on me so I thought I’d try.  Next time not so much. 
Now you are caught up with life events,  other things I wanted to say are one plant vs zombies garden warfare is super fun and cute at the same time.  ALSO ALSO ALSO I’m super excited as I know a lot of others are to is that TITAN FALL REALESES TUESDAY! And yes yes I did pre order that shit and I’m going to hey the converter for my head set and it’s going to be f*ck!ng awesome!  Bill and tom got the special edition with the titan and book and stuff.  That shit was expensive.  Tom also got the special titan fall controller too.
Lastly apparently the new turtle beach headsets that are being on pre-order for the x one aren’t surround sound and I just find that silly you are paying $140-$180 (wired/wireless) and they aren’t even surround sound yet?  Wtf? I mean I couldn’t see in the specifications if it was or wasn’t.  I mean it doesn’t say they are so that would lead to me understanding and believing they would not be surround sound.  Not that I want them cuz I’m getting the converter since my headset is still rather new.  But if anyone knows differently about that surround sound please do tell. 
Now get out there and have a wonderful day.  It’s beautiful out. 

posted on the go.


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