My first Midori/Fauxdori

I got my first fauxdori from Monique in the UK! Its just gorgeous, its so simple too. A beautifully hand colored leather, in the color you ask for. I got a beautiful chestnutish color and ordered one for my friends. each a different color even if its just in slight variation. You get a custom name on the tag I got T-fan. It comes with a hand made notebook to start you with as well. There is a whole like network on MTN’s and how to make or show off things. It’s very awesome they are a very help full and of tips and such, they are such creative people in their artistic journaling. Check out Monique‘s new shop on esty. Shes just moving over some of her stuff. But you should defiantly check it out. Other wise check out my video on of mine.

My first MTN/fauxdori

little extras little extras


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