Heading home.

It’s been a fun trip. But alas we have to back to reality. I’ll miss Diera that’s for sure. But I’m glad to see my Toby and the half mine diesel. We have about a 10 ish hour drive till we are home. I did also miss my bed. And bill finally txted me this morning. Been waiting for him to txt see if he would. I know not real nice to do that but I did I wanted to see how long it would take him to check in. I’m a little disappointed by it tho. But I guess better late then nvr, I’m sure he just didn’t want to “interrupt” the trip or something. The ladies are listening to some music I got some coheed it should be a good ride. Seeing the lake makes me want to live by one. Well I lost my train of thought so here’s a few more pictures from the trip






Third T-HO of the day


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