So moving day 2

Well didn’t sleep well the other night and tonight I can’t sleep. Still awake.  Worked and did more moving. Greg and his gf came to the new house and installed diffrent outlets. Which is good. To which I then painted “my” room a color called elephant skin (so a grey color) it looks pretty good. Hopefully PJ and I will get all the big stuff moved tomorrow.  Not positive how everything will go just hoping well. Oh and almost set a birds beat on fire. So at the side door a bird decided to build a nest in and on the outside light. Well my sister must have turn the outside switch on, on accident. To which Bill smelt burning and went to go look out side and sure enough it was smoldering. Tonya was worried about the babies in the nest. Fortunately they had jumped out and survived hopping away and I just laid the nest on the ground behind a bush. (Yes I wore gloves) 

Well can’t upload the video apparently.  Bummer gotta just wait.


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