Night one

Yesterday I had spent the day moving. Basically moved everything large including beds. Which I learned mechanical beds are a B**** to move. PJ and I rocked out a lot of stuff he’s pretty awesome! He even reconstructed my bed for me, which wasn’t an easy task when Dani and I tried back when I got the bed. Well after all the help moving I am about 85% complete with my stuff. After all that I did sleep at the new place for the first time. It was terrible I didn’t sleep til 630 this morning. All I did was toss and turn, it was not fun. what was fun was I did go to the fair last night was opening night for the ozaukee county fair. Bill won me a Hedgehog he’s cute. Now I must get ready for work and then maybe seeing Guardians of the Galaxy tonight. Which should be a good movie, I hope sleeping goes better the next few nights.


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