I hate this. All of it.

I can’t stand the way I have been feeling lately. I hurt, I’m sad, I’m jealious I think, and have no say or good reason to be. I feel I dont have a right to be this way, this is all this way because of me. I caused life to turn this way. Why because I’m a fucking coward. But it is what it is. I will always love you no matter what, which I think is why it hurts, but u deserve what ever it is to be happy. You deserve someone who can show u the light in life and lord knows I can’t do that, shit I can’t even do that for myself. What make me so angry is that I feel like this, I shouldnt, I have no right to. Fuck me and my feeling

I wish u happy ness. I wish u to have a bright future, and enjoy life, find the one who makes u happy.


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