Who’s working? I’m working.

So I’m out in Pewaukee today, filling in. I am super bored. Should go on a break but wont. Want to find zeus grants stupid wishes book, the first part was funny wants to finish it. Need to also find another job. One I can make more money with. I hate being broke often and so fast. It’s like BAM payday. The DOUBLE BAM BAM it’s all gone till two weeks go by and repeat.
Ah but I did get new glasses they all re ordered and to arrive in about a week. Along with a pair of sunglasses. Kind of excited. I mean I don’t need them I can suffice with out them because they would be for driving mostly, but that is why I want them back. I would like it to help for seeing sings before I arrive at them. Our but I have taken more photos and posted them to my fb page. forcier photos so go take a look see. I do not have a bunch of things up but just some from here and there. I hope u like them. I am doing 2 more sessions coming up sometime for 1 with my sister and her friends and 2 a family with their pets. So that one will be fun. Well to end this post here’s a photo.



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