Recent Things

There is quite  a few things that I have wanted to post about so here we go. First I got new glasses, have not had a proper pair in years. I like them, think they look pretty good. (see picture below) Also I have been re-watching supernatural, just saw the trickster episode. Those ones are defiantly my favorite. I also have been slowly reading a book called “Zeus grants stupid wishes” if you like mythology and a good laugh check this book out.  I goes very quickly over some amusing story’s.

New Glasses

Playing some Fable until the new one releases!

In more recent news my muffler fell off. I’m other words i have been struggling with my muffler for about 2 months now. Well yesterday after work, I went to hang out with my friend Maddie. I got off of work decided to go home to grab a few things and change. as I was changing I made sure I grab my hat some sweat pants and gloves. I don’t know why just felt I NEEDED to have them with me. So I did just that, and headed out to hang out with her. Got irritated with highway drivers being passed by larger vehicles with just enough space for them to get in. I do not mind being passed and such but when you are leaving only a few inches to get between me and the car you pulled up on. Any-who I sing my way there to spotify’s used radio and really no other trouble. We hang out and it was fun. It was a good night for a walk it was cold but not freezing, just a good night for two friends to hang. We walked to a UWM jewelry show deal made it just before closing. The show was small but quaint, we paroozed and we left. Well we watch some funny youtube videos then I head home. Heres the fun suff just make in on the highway maybe 10 min into my drive and BAM!!!!! There is this god-awful sound and my car jumps and then scrapping. Immediately I think SHIT MY MUFFLER!!!! FFUUUCCCKKKK!!! So I pull over mind you I am on this bridge and its now freezing as fuck wind. I am in milwaukee suck on this bridge and apparently I am in a not so good part either. So I get out and look at the damage. (see below) So I kick at it and nothing. I kick more and more, still nothing. (side note: I am all sorts of swearing in my head, and there are semi trucks rocking this b ridge with each passing) I then get back in my car and make some calls one mainly to my very good friend Dane who came and got me (this is the guy who is going to fix my car) As I wait I turn the radio on and discover it had fully reset its self into demo mode. I call the boyfriend and talk to him for a while in my frustration. I bundle up with the sweat pants, gloves and hat. Get out the passenger side door because my door is frozen shut. Again I try to kick and pull the damn things off, which I have real effect on. Sitting in my car again I snap chat my frustration in which my friend now shows up and I am SAVED!! YAY! The rest of the night is less eventfull just a T-Bell run.


That was my evening. How was yours?


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