Lets hope we get in.

Yesterday began a half impromptu trip to Canada. My friend Muriel and I wanted to do a road trip of some sort and were unsure where to go. Everything we wanted to do would take longer then a weekend-ish of time. She then came up with wanting to go to Canada. She has never been there, I on the other have went last year and had a blast. (check out old posts) So I said sure we will just head north until we get there.

Well starting last night our trip began I would say around 7 pm and made it to Manistique MI by 11:45 pm central time. Turns out Yuppers are an hour ahead of us so technically we checked in to the comfort in at 12:45am. Had a pretty nice easy drive surprisingly I thought it might be a bit more work. But on the way up here only needed to make 2 stops at gas stations and didn’t need gas either time. Which is good especially since there are like at least 60 miles or more of winding county road’s with no gas station or other civilization for miles. Once we hit Manistique tho we decided to try and find a place to stay for the night, surprisingly our first try accepted dogs. So we stayed here at the comfort inn with Toby and slept pretty well.

Now we are off to our second day of driving and to raech the boarder in like 2.5-3 hours. Hopefully we can get in. We do have few factors working against us, and its been raining since yesterday and looks to keep up with us today. But lets try!


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