Apartment Update

So Sunday we got 89% of everything moved the apartment is a complete mess! That night we tried to run the dish washer and it leaked all over the kitchen. Luckily we should have got a new one installed today. This week unfortunately I am house sitting for my sister while shes in Florida with her family and then my cousin leaves this weekend so in totally starting tomorrow I will be in charge of 6 dogs! MUAHHAHAHA! In other news with how much time I’ve needed to be here in addition with work I have had like zero time to unpack anything, or do anything else for that matter. It’s been a vary busy two weeks and I cant wait to actually start living at this apartment. Its going to super weird for me. I have no clue what to expect, I have never lived with anyone other then my mother. The goal tomorrow is to get a few of the left over stuff that was not moved so then Saturday since I have off I can then try and organize some things and get the bed back together. We already have Charter installed. So really we just need to get set up.


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