Road Trip Summary

So I have returned form the trip to Canada, that was a blast! even thought it was consisted of driving. My friend Muriel and I drove up to Canada and entered up thru Sault Ste. Marie and we made it in! Toby and all! My baby has been international! On our drive we decided to take hwy 17 around lake superior, found an abandoned motel took some photos working on getting those worked on. That might be a bit tho. Surprisingly it was not hard to find hotels/motels that didn’t have a pet room. each place only was 20 bucks a night which is not bad at all. We did not get to see a moose tho which is dumb. I wanted to see a moose. Hwy 17 took two days worth of driving to get around. It was totally worth it. Canada’s trees are more vibrate and bold colored then ours in the states, the rocks that followed were beautiful. We stayed in Terrace Bay on out second night, not the best smelling place and we stayed at Red Dog INN not bad but the original place was a bunch of liars or vacancy and 6 am breakfast because they had neither! On our way to Thunder Bay we found a nice little diner and had breakfast there. It was delicious, we were total tourist there taking photos with a Go pro and selfie stick. When we finally made it to Thunder Bay we learned that the town doesn’t operate on Sundays so no bars, only like three other small shops. We got board and moved on to Duluth, MN. After we found a hotel and checked in we decided to go get some drinks. Found a place called Carmody Irish Pub if you ever are going thru Duluth go there. I met the owner and we played trivia together, and my god Muriel and I SUCK at Trivia! None the less we still got a shirt from the owner which was freaking awesome of him! We had a blast meeting the local people there thanks to the owner Eddie! When we got back we were asleep pretty shortly after we laid down. The next day we set out to head home and made great time ending getting back around 3:30pm-ish. Over all for 4 days of mostly driving it was truly a “road trip” would i do it again? Hell yes! (depending on who with of coarse)


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