Just another post.

Well I haven’t posted in a while even tho I keep thinking of all these things I want to wright, but I don’t. I think about it, I think I will do it but I never do. So many topics I have wanted to touch on. Like how the apartment life is going, what I have been up to. things that are not all this interesting but sill i want to type about them. I just haven’t. Same with this here I haven’t really made a point in this point yet just rambling. Pretty lame. I hope to make a post about Life is Strange, a game I recently just finished it and LOVED IT! I’ve gotten thru to season 6 in xfiles. Have some custom glasses being made for a friend and my self for christmass. Also chrismas is coming up. gotta touch on that. Theres so much more… UGHHHHHHH.


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