Home Sick

So yesterday and today I am home sick with a cold like virus. It is annoying to say the least. The days filled with body aches, hot and cold sweats, and endless snot. It is not a fun deal, no clue where it came from how it started. Today I feel better then I did yesterday, but still not up to par. Now I get to sit and watch X-Files all day which I need to finish before the 26th I believe is when the new season starts. Which I am so excited about! I have a friend Joe who is watching all of the X-Files for the first time and he is loving it. The goal is to get him to finish before the new season is on. I even had custom X-Files glasses etched because I love this show. I gave him 2 of them because of how much he enjoys it too. I am in season 7 currently only less then 2.5 seasons to go. and two movies to watch. I need to buy this whole set of X-files on like DVD or something. It is such a good show!


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