So he lied again I caught him once again lying to another girl about me. I feel useless,unloved,uncared for, insecure, not appreciated, and ugly. Just once in a while I would like to be called pretty or sexy. Not just getting and ass grab/slap and being told how nice my ass is. I’d like to feel appreciated, or like I matter to you. A surprise date, or a flower, even a you looked great today would suffice. I don’t even know why your still with me. I’m Cleary not providing you with enough “intimacy” which is bs! That would be a role reverse. I thought this lying fir others attention was abolished when I have you the litteral free card. Apparently not, apparently you need sympathy from some other chick by lying about everything I apparently don’t do. I’m just so pisaed at how this weekend turned out. How the past few days have been handled. Oh btw thank you for not asking my what’s wrong when clearly I’m mad. Way to try and help resolve. 


2 thoughts on “Lied 

  1. Please consider my words, my intentions are good, I came here just by coincidence… I’ve been there, in the place where your emotions are right now, and I’m gonna tell you something that maybe others had said to you (I’m not a english speaker so please don’t be too harsh on my spelling): You are beautiful, you are sexy, you are smart, you are a great person who loves too much, who feels too much, who thinks too much… so please, start by loving yourself, don’t expect anything from anyone, the expectations only make larger the suffering. Come on! Go ahead! and take all the love that you feel it’s been wasted on someone who doesn’t appreciate it and give it to yourself. You need to realize that to be respected and loved, you need to love and respect yourself first, and someone who speaks on your back doesn’t deserve your sadness, your tears, the ache in the chest, neither deserves your love. I know that it’ll be hard to get away from him and it’ll be even harder to forgive yourself… but try, you are a great human being, please love yourself without pride, take away all the suffering, give up on a relationship that doesn’t help you to stay happy (I’ve always thought that happiness is your own choice)… move away from the people that doesn’t bring light to your life. You deserve all light and love from this world. With love for you, another human who has been in the same path of life and now it’s better.

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