2 Years with Gentec

I hit 2 years with Gentec today. Not that anyone would know that tho. Its been an interesting ride lots up stress and learning, especially this past year. I have been in the office with lots of trials that I just keep failing and its quite stressful. I don’t know I’m doing it wrong until its to late. Everything i do like ask for help comes and bites me in the ass. its just a joke sometimes. I do enjoy most of the people I work with, but there are few I need to watch out for lots of blame games. I do have to say the parts about me failing tho is my fault, I am trying to learn but I get a lot of things that I feel are just time consuming, and I don’t always have the allotted time needed to precede with what I need to do. Thus causing it to get pushed back. Then I get in trouble. I don’t look forward to my review that should be coming up, I am quite nervous. I just hope it all goes well.


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