So I’m quite nervous for work tomrrow. It is either going to hopefully be okay or the worst choice having to continue working dreading everyday working with people who are all on the look out for them selves and are not at fault or talk behind your back or just hates your interaction. I have no one at work except for Erik and I feel we get the most shit. The most spat on . Yeah I’m not trying to justify the way thing are/were handled was the most appropriate. I just hope that that one more chance is give . I need Erik at work to get me thru the day. To help me hate the day just less enough I can go to work. I can’t stand the daily get up everyday. I need keep anything good I have going. I love my friends and I need certain ones in certain places. And I’m afraid of the day I loose those. I open up about certain topics to few people and I don’t feel regret, Erik is one of these people. I guess I just don’t know what work will be like with out him since he’s been there since I started and taught me how to build our machines. Idk what it would be like if he’s not there anymore.


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