Staying Focused

There’s those days that are just harder to get thru and the others that zip by so fast you blinked and missed it. Today is one of those days that feels like its dragging on. Which I need to get some photos done and I literally ditched out on a birthday party not on purpose but everyone was shooting I had been at the range since 12. The part arrived between 1-2 and the birthday didn’t start until about 2:30. I wasn’t going to shoot and wasn’t feeling very good. So I left. I was out of my element. I didn’t really talk to anyone but my friends dad who is always a dear. But when it came to shooting i was back to no one. So yeah I felt bad but I couldn’t help but my fight or flight kicked in and all I wanted was OUT, just to GET OUT NOW. So I left. I mean Bill left with his friend and brother to play games and I said that was fine he would have had no one too. I dont like to initiate conversation much anymore I just feel out of the loop with that group of friends and I just don’t fit anymore. I love Dani and I always will. But I am becoming more pathetic, more secluded, and detached. But on the other had I was not feeling very well and I do have work to do which I am currently taking a break from. I suppose I should go back to work tho. YAY -_-


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