Lonely at work


I feel lonely now, all I have are the memories of the joy you would bring. No matter what day or how it was going to going a way to make me smile. Took some of the stress away. Even the days that were compelete shit were just knowing I had someone there, was enough. Now I’m alone. I have my day to day hey ,hi’s, how are yous? But none that mean anything that hold validity. Do I care how they respond? Not really only to the point of are you going to be crabby at me today… it’s only day 2 since the incident happened but a lonely two days it’s been at work. Being such a great friend maybe even a best one, I hope the best for you and your future. I just hope that we will stay in touch, bc I confided a lot in you and now all that had been torn away.  Good luck Erik I know you will do great. You have a social and charming personality you will do great!


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