Lonely at work

I feel lonely now, all I have are the memories of the joy you would bring. No matter what day or how it was going to going a way to make me smile. Took some of the stress away. Even the days that were compelete shit were just knowing I had someone there, was enough. Now I’m alone. I have my day to day hey ,hi’s, how are yous? But none that mean anything that hold validity. Do I care how they respond? Not really only to the point of are you going to be crabby at me today… it’s only day 2 since the incident happened but a lonely two days it’s been at work. Being such a great friend maybe even a best one, I hope the best for you and your future. I just hope that we will stay in touch, bc I confided a lot in you and now all that had been torn away.  Good luck Erik I know you will do great. You have a social and charming personality you will do great!


One thought on “Lonely at work

  1. Erik says:

    I will miss you too. No one there mattered to me as much as you did. I enjoyed making you smile that beautiful smile everyday, even when I know you didn’t want to smile. We will still be close. It is just going to take some time for others to adjust to the situation. Thank you for the well wishes and I hope they don’t give you too much crap there. If they do, and you aren’t happy, find another job. You have many different skills and a beautiful mind. I will be in touch. But more importantly, I will see you again soon.

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