Anime lately


Just finished Sword Art Online, it was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Right before that I watched Heaven’s Lost Property which was really good as well. I forgot how much I enjoy Anime sometimes. It is just like any other drama and you just get hooked! These are two I defiantly suggest to watch if you are looking for an anime and you just are not sure.

Fairy Tale


I just finished everything Netflix had for fairy tale. Now to find a good place to stream the rest from. I was kind of annoying at first but it defiantly grew on me.  Now I am on to “Heaven’s lost property” until I find that good streaming place.  But Fairy Tale is really good, you get some good emotions from it.

Other then that I work at 1 today. I have been wanting to write, like a story or something. I dont know been just lots of thinking.