This morning on my way entering work


Today started out very tense and quite, its wasn’t the best situation. Luckily after a bit it got a bit more lively. Because this week has been so stupid and just everything had been working against me. Even the little things were going wrong like I tried 4 different coffee shops in a day and ALL of them were closed. Now mind you this is a time frame of like 9am- 8pm. Every place I ordered food it was incorrect. This all started Sunday night when I realized my *new* 3ds was stolen with all my games and case out of my car. Which if you know me you know that is one of my items I often have on me just about everywhere I go. I have put years of play/work into some of those games like Animal Crossing. So I have been rather distraught and frustrated about that. But then starting Monday morning I went to go “fight” a parking ticket which was completely pointless and a waste of time. Then tried to find coffee and food which is when I slowly started to piece together all the stuff taken from my car. Coffee was closed. Missed work for no reason, Still had to pay and deal with the traffic and parking in Milwaukee. Work was relatively active. Going thru the week this kept happening with wrong food being received and little things like this where it’s not generally a big problem it’s just it kept rolling on and on one thing to the next.

Then yesterday I got in trouble at work again, I feel this happens on a bi-weekly basis where I am just a shitty worker I keep fucking up and it just got to the point I just broke down and cried in my car to Loop about it. I was just so done with it all. He was very sweet about it and when I got home and out of the shower he had gotten me Popeyes mashed potatoes because he know I really like them a lot and made me soup because that’s what I wanted so he had it all ready with notes in the kitchen for me. I was simple but it really did help make me feel better. But yeah as of yesterday I was ready to just throw in the towel and say fuck it to everything. But since then I have bought a Red *new* 3ds and been working on formatting that. Been on the hunt for my missing games to replace and start over. Just looks like I will be playing a lot of DS in my future. Be seriously steal any ANY other consoles but by DS and SEGA and I wouldn’t have been so upset. Easy to replace or deal with but those to I have worked so hard on.

New exciting news is I am an aunt again. Nephew number three Casey Arden 6lbs 8oz 20in was born on Monday. I have officially taken on Tonya’s cleaning job driving to Grafton every day until she is able to return to work, it’s a long drive there every day. But hopefully its only for the month.


Every Morning Determines the day, and my mornings suck.

Today has started out like any other, waking up the mondaine and I thought it would teeter to the side of good, that is until I got to work. It started like any other day, I opened the doors, and started the coffee. Just keeping to myself because everyone else is annoying,mostly I’m just not in the mood and half of them don’t make me smile. Well once I did sit down, I am already in trouble with an email from the GM for a shipping issue that was working on being resolved on Friday, but was not due to it being good Friday. So it carried over and I was to continue fixing it. To then be greeted multiple times by people who are grouchy either phone or in person. Then thru all of this to find out it was our fault anyways. specifically mine on this particular order. We are to change out the shipping area on our POs, which I don’t ever remember doing on any of them. Just not it has become an issue in my 2+ years here. Plus both ladies seem crabby. So today is going just swimmingly. Not to mention the country music today is all sad love songs. -_-


So I’m quite nervous for work tomrrow. It is either going to hopefully be okay or the worst choice having to continue working dreading everyday working with people who are all on the look out for them selves and are not at fault or talk behind your back or just hates your interaction. I have no one at work except for Erik and I feel we get the most shit. The most spat on . Yeah I’m not trying to justify the way thing are/were handled was the most appropriate. I just hope that that one more chance is give . I need Erik at work to get me thru the day. To help me hate the day just less enough I can go to work. I can’t stand the daily get up everyday. I need keep anything good I have going. I love my friends and I need certain ones in certain places. And I’m afraid of the day I loose those. I open up about certain topics to few people and I don’t feel regret, Erik is one of these people. I guess I just don’t know what work will be like with out him since he’s been there since I started and taught me how to build our machines. Idk what it would be like if he’s not there anymore.

Just fuck…….

The days drag on one by one more and more useless and unfortunate as the next. Little excitement here and there. It’s days like today I wonder what I’m even good for. What have I accomplished in life. What is the point of seeing tomrrow. Work was shit today and I absolutely hated it.  Consider the idea maybe I should get a different job maybe I am to useless for my position at work. And then I go on because tomrrow is a new day. 

2 Years with Gentec

I hit 2 years with Gentec today. Not that anyone would know that tho. Its been an interesting ride lots up stress and learning, especially this past year. I have been in the office with lots of trials that I just keep failing and its quite stressful. I don’t know I’m doing it wrong until its to late. Everything i do like ask for help comes and bites me in the ass. its just a joke sometimes. I do enjoy most of the people I work with, but there are few I need to watch out for lots of blame games. I do have to say the parts about me failing tho is my fault, I am trying to learn but I get a lot of things that I feel are just time consuming, and I don’t always have the allotted time needed to precede with what I need to do. Thus causing it to get pushed back. Then I get in trouble. I don’t look forward to my review that should be coming up, I am quite nervous. I just hope it all goes well.

Long time since a post….

I have not got a chance to post in a while. Unfortunately to long, and I am hoping to fix this. There are so many times that I want to post but lately (meaning like the past month) I have been falling asleep at like 8:30 pm or 9 pm. It has been so annoying and when I get free time it isn’t not free I am doing something. Currently I am house sitting with a boxer until the 14th. And tonight I leave for Ohio because tomorrow is Goetta Fest in Cincinnati. Then I come back to House sitting for the next week and I am off to Door County to help with my cousins clothing shop boutique. Out of all of this I still need to work on wedding photos which I have not had a chance to do a lot with, and it is stressing me out. I don’t have a lot of just chill time lately its usually by the time I get to sit down. I fall sleep. Then I am perpetually tired. Its like a vicious never ending cycle. I hate it! I wish I cared for more then I do, but lately my days are just merged together and nothing is exciting. I hope this weekend goes well. I look forward to see Diera, even if it is only for a day. Well Thanks for reading I must get back to work for my break is over. Good Day!