Just want to start the day over….


Who’s working? I’m working.

So I’m out in Pewaukee today, filling in. I am super bored. Should go on a break but wont. Want to find zeus grants stupid wishes book, the first part was funny wants to finish it. Need to also find another job. One I can make more money with. I hate being broke often and so fast. It’s like BAM payday. The DOUBLE BAM BAM it’s all gone till two weeks go by and repeat.
Ah but I did get new glasses they all re ordered and to arrive in about a week. Along with a pair of sunglasses. Kind of excited. I mean I don’t need them I can suffice with out them because they would be for driving mostly, but that is why I want them back. I would like it to help for seeing sings before I arrive at them. Our but I have taken more photos and posted them to my fb page. forcier photos so go take a look see. I do not have a bunch of things up but just some from here and there. I hope u like them. I am doing 2 more sessions coming up sometime for 1 with my sister and her friends and 2 a family with their pets. So that one will be fun. Well to end this post here’s a photo.



So it’s my birthday today. And I feel rather melancholy. It’s just like yay another year I have survived this existence and honestly if u were to ask where I thought I’d be at this point in my life a few years back I would not have thought I’d make it but I take each day as a start over and that is what keeps me around this long.

It has been nice tho I got a few calls and txts. My boss came in and sang to me and gave me a present.  He’s such a sweet heart. Had lots of passers-by s at work I know wishing me bday stuff. It’s been rather nice. My melancholy feeling subsides every now and then but still sits there in the back today. Well must finish out work I’m almost then to get some dinner and prolly hang out idk.